Emancipated android with big dreams




Peregrine was built to serve, but she always dreamed of traveling among the stars. He favorite books—old, shabby westerns—gave her dreams of outlaws, gunslinging, and protecting the innocent.

On Haven, Cassidy took a short-term job welding heavy plates onto the station’s hull. His partner was Peregrine, and the two exchanged their stories while they worked. Cassidy was moved by the sincerity of her dream, and he knew he could make it come true. Two cycles and a fat bank loan later, he bought her and made her his crew.

Of course, inter-galactic travel has its difficulties, one of which is a distinct difference in language. Thankfully, the Rengare sent emissaries ahead of their main fleet who worked with CISS ambassadors to develop a ‘Rosetta Stone’ of their languages. This program was downloaded into a veritable army of androids who would serve as translators and eventually teachers to the new arrivals. Forn is greeted by just an android. She introduces herself with perfectly accented (but grammatically imperfect) Rengarese.

Jexx knew that Peregrine was essential to her learning the languages of her new home. She didn’t think the small android could teach her anything about combat tactics. She thought wrong.


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