Ishmael Thorne

A rebellious and oft bored hacker with a marked interest in transhumanism.


Taking his love of technology and of rebelling against his father, a bored Ishmael finds a doctor willing to remove his left arm and replace it with a cybernetic. Wandering the streets, he wonders if this brash action is what will cause his father to finally turn him out.

Some time later, on the space station Haven, Ishmael finds himself face to face with Poole. Poole needs Ishmaels help in forging the Suicide King’s papers. The two soon strike a deal: Ishmael’s familiarity with official documents and love of a technological challenge in exchange for passage wherever Poole is going.

Once Forn begins running the business side of things, Ishmael approaches her and promises full tech support from himself, so long as the military is a regular mark for her cons.

Ishmael Thorne

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