Dittaxae Jexxophea Zo'Tharlaraq

6'3" tall with sharp teeth, four arms, green skin, and curved horns


Attributes: Agility d8; Smarts d6; Spirit d6; Strength d8; Vigor d8

Skills: Fighting d8; Intimidation d6; Knowledge Battle Tactics d4; Notice d6 (w/a +2 to all sight based rolls. Vorakians have excellent eye sight); Shooting d8; Stealth d6; Throwing d6

Race Based: All Thumbs (-2 to all repair rolls); Outsider (-2 Charisma); Psionically Vulnerable (-4 opposed roll)
Character Based: Heroic (M); Loyal (m); Quirk (m-Soft spot for kids)

Race Based: Keen Sight (2 to notice); Hand Hand Eye Coordination (Starts w/d6 Agility); Can’t Touch This! (1 Perry); Lend a Hand (Multiple arms. 1 extra action)
Character Based: Quick; Martial Artist (d4+Str damage w/fists); Brawler (+2 to damage w/fists); First Strike (1 free attack against an adjacent foe).

Fists (d4+Str+2 damage)
Karque’Tay (a long handled war ax native to Vorak. A common weapon for military use. Str+d8 damage. +1 parry.)


The Sound of Letting Go

A feeling of cold emptiness had taken up residence, filling Jexx’s chest as if she would never be warm again. She had lost everything; her commission, her mate, her hatchlings, her home, and perhaps even soon her life. The chains on her wrists bit sharply as the prisoner attached to her left side tasted the warden’s whip. Jexx frowned as the youngling chocked back a cry. Her sharp kick to the warden’s jaw was punished harshly but well worth it.

Forn Tal Trillen comes along with an offer for Jexx, a new life in a new galaxy. One daring improvised prison break later and she begins her life of “nearly” criminal enterprise.

Captain Cassidy Poole
Thanks to one of Forn’s schemes, The Suicide King winds up in a scrap with Rangare fighters. Jexx gives Cassidy some insightful lessons in dogfighting this enemy, and soon the pilot is flying circles around his opponents.

Jexx’s Name Breakdown
Dittaxae: a military ranking comparable to that of a human general
Jexxophea: her given name. She was named after her father’s mother.
Zo’: a prefix indication she is widowed and not yet ready to take another mate.
Tharlaraq: her Clan name.

Information Discovered During Game Play

-There was a war between the Vorak and the Rangaray. The Vorakians lost.
-The Rangaray used to keep Vorakian slaves. This practice ended long before the war.
-The Vorakian language is very complicated, containing over 3000 different and distinct verb tenses.

Dittaxae Jexxophea Zo'Tharlaraq

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