Welcome to Skin in the Game, a Fate Core Space Opera. In this campaign, the characters are in a position where they must take odd jobs—some legal, some not—just to survive.

After the recent collapse of the Coalition of Independent Star Systems (CISS), a multi-system government, the galaxy has fallen into turmoil. The future of the CISS Dollar is endangered, with no recognized central bank. The military—formed as an interstellar peace force—is left without a charter. People have taken to clutching to what they can in order to prepare for whatever comes next.

The ragtag crew of the Suicide King, a cleverly-stolen military ship capable of jump gate travel, has begun taking odd jobs—bounty hunting, smuggling, you name it—but the crew have not had their scruples completely tested yet. That will change in their quest for a place in their new galaxy.

  • Captain Cassidy Poole – a recent CISS naval retiree with no nest egg, save his procured ship
  • Peregrine – an android, illegally emancipated by her owner, Captain Poole
  • Forn Tal Trillen and Dittaxae Jexxophea Zo’Tharlarag, refugees from a far-away galaxy, trying to find a place in the Milky Way
  • Ishmael Thorne – rebellious hacker, and son of the celebrated and ambitious head of the remainder Coalition Navy

Skin in the Game

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